Welcome to DUAXC


Welcome to Durham University Athletics and Cross Country


Durham University Athletics and Cross Country Club (DUAXC) is an amateur club organised by students at the university. We have over 250 members and are now one of the fastest growing clubs in Durham. Our reputation is strong and we are recognised as one of the top 12 university clubs in the UK.

We aim to create a friendly and competitive atmosphere where those athletes who really want to push themselves and represent the university in competitions are encouraged to do so. However, whilst we are delighted to incorporate some of the best athletic talent in the country, not everyone at the club is a sport psycho competing for Great Britain every weekend! A significant proportion of our members come along to training to keep fit, have some fun and make some new friends. We welcome everyone and gear our sessions to people of all abilities.

What’s more, DUAXC is one of the few clubs at Durham where there is a good mix of both boys and girls. Not only does this make for some fantastic socials, but also helps us to create an unrivalled team spirit. The club is represented by an extremely enthusiastic elected executive responsible for listening to the views of our members, and for driving the club forward in the 21st century. Don’t worry if you missed us at Freshers’ Fair. If you would like to find out more about the club, or are interested in joining us, please contact one of our Exec.

DUAXC has several socials throughout the year. There are some traditions such as the  ‘Full Kit Bar Crawl’ (you’d better hope its not raining and cold!), and there are often post-race socials especially after the BUCS.  The atmosphere in the club is, honestly, one of the best things about it. Everyone makes you feel welcomed and you really will get a lot out of it. There is also a Warm Weather trip, last year it was Lanzarote in the Easter holidays which are great holidays, and a great way to get to know everyone: don’t worry they aren’t non-stop training either!

By joining DUAXC you will be able to compete in all DUAXC events including the 3 BUCS Championships, be able to attend the Warm Weather Training trips, vote in the AGM and basically do anything related the DUAXC. The club will subsidise to the best of its ability all trips and competitions.